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Corporate Events

Events held in a business setting; corporate meetings, ceremonies, holiday occasion, outdoor activities, etc. Choices range from quick and easy finger foods to full course entrées. The meals are prepared homemade with the same loving care as our wedding reception meals. All orders are dropped off directly on location and include a white linen tablecloth and serviettes for the food table, as well as Corelle plates and stainless steel cutlery.

“Dear Martha & Wayne: I just want to thank you both for the tremendous food and service you provide us here, at Central Baptist Church, Brantford, Ont. The food is always piping hot and has that real home-cooked flavor. We receive many compliments from those in attendance at our many functions, as to the high quality of the food and the excellent service provided by yourselves and your employees. Keep up the great work, you are a blessing to each of us.”
-Bill Bowen

Hot Rolls

Corporate Menu

Each price is per person plus taxes and gratuity

(Minimum 10 People)

Select a food item:

  1. Assorted sandwiches or assorted meat tray and buns, veggies and dip, fruit tray and squares.$7.95
  2. Assorted wraps, veggies and dip, fruit tray and squares.$8.40
  3. Lasagna, garlic bread/rolls, Caesar salad, dessert.$9.95
  4. Tender roast beef on bun, gravy, fried onions, choice of two salads, dessert $11.75
  5. Black forest ham, potatoes, homemade rolls, coleslaw, dessert.$11.75
  6. Chicken divan (tender chicken breast on broccoli in wine and cheese sauce) homemade rolls, potato, salad, dessert.$11.95
  7. Chicken cacciatore (tender chicken breast with mushrooms, green peppers in sauce.) rice, rolls, salad, dessert. $11.95
  8. Marinated Italian chicken breast, stuffed potato, rolls, Greek salad, dessert.$12.50
  9. Chicken stir fry (celery, green pepper, snow peas, bean sprouts) fried rice, tossed salad, rolls, dessert. $11.50
  10. Pasta Alfredo with chicken and broccoli, salad, rolls,
    dessert. $11.50
  11. Roast Chicken, oven roasted potato, vegetable, rolls,
    dessert. $11.25
  12. Breaded Chicken breast or boneless-skinless chicken breast, with bacon on bun, 2 salads, dessert. $11.75
  13. Chicken parmesan, potato or fettuccini, salad, rolls,
    dessert. $11.75
  14. Tender roast pork, potato, gravy, vegetable, rolls,
  15. Tortellini in meat and cheese sauce, Caesar salad, rolls, dessert. $9.95
  16. Homemade meat pie, salad, pickles, rolls, dessert. $9.75
  17. Shepherd’s pie, salad, pickles, rolls, dessert. $9.75
  18. Homemade chili, salad, rolls, dessert. $9.75
  19. Vegetarian lasagna or chili, salad, rolls, dessert. $9.50
  20. Tender beef stew, whipped potato, salad, rolls, dessert. $11.50
  21. Beef bourgeon (tender slow cooked beef with mushrooms) whipped potato, baby carrots, rolls, dessert. $12.75
  22. Tender roast beef, whipped potato, gravy, vegetable, rolls, dessert. $12.50
  23. Homemade soup, assorted sandwiches, veggies and dip, fruit and squares. $9.50
  24. Beef Stroganoff (with sour cream sauce and mushrooms) buttered egg noodles, salad, rolls, dessert. $11.75

Choice of one of the following desserts

  1. Fresh Fruit Salad
  2. Squares
  3. Cheesecake
  4. Apple crisp
  5. Trifle
  6. Pineapple Cream
  7. Black forest Cake
  8. Black forest Brownies
  9. Pie (Apple, Boston Cream, Lemon, Pecan, Pumpkin, etc)
  10. Custard Tart topped with Fresh Fruit.

Drinks Available:

$0.75 each drinks(assorted bottled water, reg and diet pop, juices)

Some changes to the menu can be made upon request